About M.I.V. LLC

Mental Improvement began as a learning exercise. The domain name was first registered in 1/24/2005 by Adam Al-Ahmary in order to write his first publicly facing website as a learning exercise in writing HTML. As he started, he began learning ASP 3.0 and a rudimentary social network started to take shape. It actually achieved 20 users, or spam bots, before Adam abandoned it to work on the first version of the LinkManager. While learning ASP.NET framework 1.1 and vb.net, Adam wrote the first version of the LinkManager and used it for a while before rewriting it again for ASP.NET framework 2.0 with C#.

In 2006 Adam would come up with an idea and register the lifebadges domain name. The domain would lie dormant for 4 years during which time Adam learned Jquery, and gathered experience with ASP.NET frameworks 3.5 and 4.0 using c# 3.0 and MVC2 and MVC3. When Adam Started to learn MVC3 and Jquery he remembered his lifebadges domain name and now he had the technology to implement his idea.

In 2009 Adam would meet Joel Mitchell and Gary Vince but it would not be until 2011 that mental improvement ventures LLC would be formally incorporated. The company exists to run the 4 the Love merchandise brand, the Lifebadges.com domain and the LinkManager service.

Mental Improvement Ventures LLC is a small parent company for some big ideas. If you would like to know what those big ideas are please go to the contact us page.


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